Our Company produces various products, with its partners in Germany and USA

Alcohol Tests saliva, customised OEM Drug Tests, Pregnancy Tests , Ovulation Tests,Fob Tests, Strep A Tests, PH Tests, Candida Tests, Radicals Free Tests, Influenza Test Viruses H1N1, etc. Our Corporate deals with Production, Graphics and Ministry registration of products for marketing in Italy and Europe. Currently, our Registered Trademark for the line of Quick "SCREEN" Tests, filed with the Patent and Trademark Office is exclusive to:COMIFAR SpA  for Italy (sold in all Pharmacies in Italy), SCREEN ITALIA  for Italy, PRIVATE MED TEST L.T.D.  for Greece, SCREEN ROMANIA  for Romania and Moldova, ETIL TEST ESPANA for Spain, SOBER BIOTECK  for Sweden and SIA PROMED  for Latvija.The line consists of SCREEN: Screen Drug test, Screen Alcohol Test , Screen Pregnancy Test, Screen Ovulation Test, Screen Fob Test, Screen Strep A Test, Screen PH Test, Screen Candida Test, Screen Radicals Free Test, Screen Check, Screen Multi Dip + AD, Screen Multi Line and Screen Flu.